Welcome to MSI blockchain

MSI’s licenses blockchain software to companies that want to implement their own private decentralized infrastructure or rent part of the Ardor public blockchain without the hassle of setting up and maintaining a network of nodes (Blockchain as a Service) .

MSI also uses the Ignis public blockchain where any SME can launch their own decentralized applications simply by purchasing the tokens that are necessary to pay the transaction fees to the miners.

MSI’s revenues come from software licenses, its software-as-a-service contracts, and consulting and training activities requested by corporations and public administrations.

The attacks on Twitter and Facebook data leaks showed how fragile centralized organizations are in the internet age, subject to security risks, privacy breaches and, worst of all, interference from malicious actors.

Blockchain technology has the potential to make most organizations more transparent and ensure that no one can abuse them for their own selfish interests.

Decentralization and openness are the only real weapons we have against the security threats and manipulation of this complex world where everyone and everything is connected, and this concerns both businesses and consumers.

IGNIS is the name of the first Child-Chain in ARDOR and also its native cryptocurrency (ticker $IGNIS), IGNIS allows anyone to launch blockchain applications, create tokens and trade them on its integrated DEX (Decentralized Exchange) without coding, simply by using a web very intuitive wallet. Its name comes from the dictionary “a light that sometimes appears at night”, IGNIS is the light that makes smart contracts available to non-tech people, everyone can enjoy powerful smart contracts pre-programmed on the platform with just use the computer mouse.

Contact us now at info(@)msi.ee for learning how we can help bring your organization to the new decentralized paradigm.